Bread, butter, salt or sugar.

Did you know that humans have five basic tastes? They are sweetness, sourness, saltines, bitterness and umami. Interestingly enough, each of those tastes detects either a nutrient that humans need or a toxin that must be avoided.

Today’s Daily Prompt is about two of the above tastes — sweetness and saltiness. Sweetness signals our brain about a presence of carbohydrates, while saltiness is associated with electrolytes.

Putting chemistry aside, here is what I think not many people have tried – bread with butter and sugar, if you are into sweets, or bread with butter and salt if you are into salty snacks.

It may sound like a very strange thing to eat, especially for a kid. These days, I have never seen anyone eating this. But as a kid I grew up along with my fellows during the time when parents worked hard to provide food for the family. Buying candies or other treats that were not part of necessity was not an option. Therefore, kids would make their own treats using what they had. That’s how we grew up eating bread and butter with salt or sugar.

This now became an acquired taste for me, and every time I eat it, I travel back in time to when I was a little kid playing with my friends in a backyard, memories that I will never forget. It gives me warm and fuzzy feelings.