Flower Thief

Once upon a time there was a young man who has just returned home after serving his time in the armed forces. He was happy to see his family again, kiss his mom and dad, whose voice he did not hear for long two years, on a cheek. He was happy to walk through familiar streets with blooming poplar trees, see his old friends with whom they grew up together. Enjoy a unique smell of the sea that had a little bit of hydrogen, water plants, hot sand and other odors to it. To say that he was excited about getting back his freedom is to say nothing at all. He enjoyed every picosecond of his life and did not want to fall asleep not to miss a moment of this new beautiful reality.

Time went buy quickly and the spring was almost over. The young man was standing at the front door of his apartment building, enjoying a beautiful view of the yard that was full of red and white roses, and dreaming about great future awaiting him. Suddenly, a strange movement in a nearby bush caught his attention. He looked at the bush with interest. A young teenage girl showed up from the bush a second later. Like a spy, she was carefully looking around to make sure nobody sees her. He quickly hid behind the door before she could see him and watched through the keyhole.

After making sure that all is clear, the girl quickly pulled out a small pocket knife, crawled towards the flowers and plucked a few. As she was about to run away with a beautiful bouquet of roses, the man showed himself, intentionally making the noise to scare the flower thief. Frightened, the girl stood up staring at the man not knowing what to do next. “Don’t worry,” the man said, “it’s okay — you can have a few roses. This is my garden,” he lied, “you could have just asked.” Shamefaced and confused, the girl did not know what to do. She thanked the man and awkwardly back off the garden. Holding her roses, she put the knife away, thanked the man again and started to walk away.

Her voice, her face, her slim body, her thick black hair and big brown eyes were beautiful. The man immediately fell in love with her. It was a love at first sight. Excited and not willing to lose the moment, he decided to follow her and meet her. Who knows what would have happened if he didn’t? Maybe they would have never seen each other again. But follow her he did, and that’s how they met on that gorgeous spring day. A man in love who lied that he owns a garden of roses and a young beautiful flower thief. They got married a few years later, had a beautiful child, and have been living a long and happy life ever since.